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Quick-Start Video Tutorial

Best Bulk Email Software: Quick-Start Tutorial

Best Bulk Email Software is an easy-to-use mailing list software.
This tutorial is intended to make you familiar with Best Bulk Email Software quickly.Especially the Sub/Unsubscribe the Email Address.
You can easily get started using this fuctions in 5 steps.

Step 1: Starting  a New task

Best Bulk Email Software

  1.Start the Best Bulk Email Software

Start How to Sub/Unsubscribe Email Address

 2. Press the “New” How to Sub/Unsubscribe Email Address button to start a new task.

Step 2: Setting up the Sub/Unsubscribe Functions

1.Click Tool Icon “Maillist ”from the main interface

2.Click the Sub/Unsub Management

Sub/Unsub Management

3.Then,you can Set “Sub/Unsub Mailbox",just put in your email information which you want to receive the Sub/Unsub emails.Let's take an example with Gmail account:

Sub/Unsub Setting

After all of the information,please click the "Test" button to check out the correctness of your setting.

Step 3: Insert the Sub/Unsub Link into your Mail Content

In order to collect the Sub/Unsub email address information,we need insert the "Sub/Unsub Link" into the mail content

1.Click menu “Insert->Sub/Unsub Link Insert Sub Link will be displayed in the mail content.(Note:You have to set the Sub/Unsub Mailbox before you insert the link.)

Subscribe Link


Step 4: Collect the Sub/Unsub Emails

If there is anyone who Sub/Unsub your emails,you can start them only by one click.

1.The main interface of the Sub/Unsubscribe Management.

Subscribe Info

2.Click the "Start Process" button to collect and start the detail informations.

There are two options you can choose:Delete Processed Mail and Reserve Processed Mail on Server.Meanwhile, you can choose the checkbox for Processing Mail Automatically.

Usually,we always Sub/Unsub Email one by one from the Maillist Management Center.

Maillist Management 

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