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We are proud to number amongest our clients some of the worlds best companies.Some of them have used our email marketing service to get good progress of their business!

AYLAONLINE.Com is a B2B e-Commerce website serving Chinese factories and global buyers since 1978. As a leader in B2B online trading, AYLAONLINE is proud to be one of the largest suppliers in the Asia-Pacific region. Our buyers are from the US, Europe, Africa and Asia and South America –totaling to over 230 countries worldwide. We also boast over 270.000 product listings from more than 7,000 dedicated Chinese factories. On AYLAONLINE, international buyers can purchase directly from Chinese factories, who offer a wide range of products at very low prices!
EPFHK Wigs World Company are synthetic wigs and hairpieces specialist and manufacturer who has more than 20 years'experience exporting premium merchandise world-wide.Their production lines are in mainland China, with sophisticated management and high skilled workers!
With over 50 years combined experience, Provident Health Care have the knowledge and experience to help you find the best insurance coverage, at the most affordable prices. They offer both health and life insurance products, as well as many short term and add-on products, like optical and dental plans.
Store2Phone Corp,Snappii is a free app maker online service that enables you to create your own mobile apps in a matter of minutes with NO PROGRAMMING at all. Forget about complicated iPhone app development, and make apps with Snappii very simply.
Life Insurance Corporation of India are humbled by the magnitude of the responsibility we carry and realise the lives that are associated with us are very valuable indeed.
Nama Informative Group is established as a national professional services firm seeking to assist organizations and businessmen meet these challenges by providing integral services in carefully selected areas in order to meet basic needs in accordance with the most recent sophisticated techniques and methods. With its unique experience, achievements and serious desire to work closely with organizations and businessmen to achieve successful enterprises, by God’s aid Nama offers it's services in various areas of business activities including commercial, industrial, agricultural, property, contracts, health, educational, social, training and informative services.
An Offshore Software Development company offering highly qualitative and cost effective IT services around the world. Our main areas of expertise includes Search Engine Optimisation and SEO Marketing, SEO friendly Website Design and Development, Desktop Application Development, Mobile Application Development, E-commerce Solutions, Internet marketing, Online Marketing, Product Branding, Business Promotion. We help our clients to leverage the innovative, original, and user friendly web application development to engage visitors and meet their business goals. We specialize in technology consultancy and quality assurance & testing, ensuring top notch solutions for the clients.

Rriddhi Siddhi Real Estate has established itself as one of the premiere real estate companies in Pune. By defying all the stereotypical norms of real estate the company has been providing end to end solutions for people from all walks of life. With a drive to achieve the common goals within the stipulated time frame the company functions with unfading commitment and ruthless dedication.
SouthAmerican Co. is an Argentinean company founded 3 years ago always working in the field of foreign trade between Argentina,Spain and China.
When a service is created out of a need the business reaps the rewards. Serve Global is your partner in bringing those rewards to reality. Our philosophy is that if a business is not run in the most efficient and economical way then it will definitely face competition and eventully will not be a leader in its market. We provide that efficiency and the economical standard that will keep any business competitive in years to come.
Innovation, technology transfer, supply chains and environment are global challenges. The EU Member States have decided to tackle these challenges jointly and pro-actively in accordance with the Lisbon and Goteborg agendas. The policies include developing of holistic and transnational measures to stimulate the markets for green technologies, products and services and thereby support the reduction of CO2 emissions.

Incorporated in 1993, Jurassic Technologies LLC. , is involved in IT Distribution, System Integration and IT Education, with its head office located at Dubai, UAE.

With thirty years’ experience in the financial services arena, the chances are if you’re a major player in this market, you’ve heard of us. But just in case you haven’t, here’s a few things we insist on sharing with you

The Genaco - Management National Civil Support, is the operational arm of INAB - National Friends of Brazil, a nonprofit, OSCIP of international operations, whose goal is to mobilize a body of critical support in emergency situations. We operate mainly in natural disasters, various accidents, search and rescue in the jungle and the sea and first aid training



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