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Features of Best Bulk Email Software

Create newsletters


Message composing is achieved through a simple yet powerful visual HTML editor
with code access, Outlook-like Visual and the ability to insert completely customizable field tags.

Free email designs

Support for HTML email background images/sound; Inline/embedded images and
file attachments and international characters.(You can send different file attachments
and images to different recipients in the same mailing job

SMTP Server

Supports external SMTP servers, and SMTP authentication,it also supports encrypted SMTP connections (SSL).

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Import existing .htm or .eml files

Import HTML messages and Preview message before sending. 

Personalized email for each subscriber

Send personalized messages (“Dear Mr. John Smith”, instead of “Dear customer”)

Dear #name# -> becomes -> Dear Paul

Each email you send is different using the email merge and email personalization features.

Import email addresses from Excel, Access and SQL files

Save your existing MS Excel(TM), Access(TM) or Outlook(TM) list,and directly import
all your customer’s details into Best Bulk Email Software.

Test automatically before sending

Fast email delivery (via fast, multi-threaded email delivery engine).


Sending features

Verify the correctness of Sender address

After you add or import the Sender address, the duplication and correctness will be verified.

Multiform and Powerful Sending Parameters

Send personalized messages

Send personalized emails to different recipients (mail merge).


The message CHARSET can be set to send messages with any character system.This feature allows you to
send your newsletters in different world languages.

Email message with both HTML and Text

The email messages are created both in HTML and plain text format in case the recipient
has disabled HTML message viewing. Remeber: the hybrid HTML/Plain Text email is the best option for email marketing campaings.

Resend and Retry without limitations

Ability to resend unlimited times and continuous retry to failed recipients.

Manage your Mailing List

Everyone can use this software easily

Best Bulk email marketing software is an efficient group email and email marketing tool
for companies, e-zine publishers and professionals, as well as individuals, to communicate with
their customers, subscribers, and other email contacts effectively.

Subscribe/Unsubscribe by Email

This software can automatically manage subscriptions (and unsubscriptions) to build permission based bulk email
distribution lists (even if you don't have a website). Each list can be associated with an e-mail address:
when a email message with “Subscribe” in the subject line is sent to this e-mail address the sender is added to the list.
If the subject is “Unsubscribe” instead, the sender gets deleted (if he/she was previously subscribed).
Best Bulk Email Software newsletter software downloads new email messages from the POP3 account, verifies the subject
and updates the related distribution list.

Maillist Management

Unlimited lists/group with unlimited recipients

Our software can manage multiple distribution lists.

Remove duplicate address

Automatically removes illegal/blank addresses and duplicate addresses in mailing lists.

Convert to upper/lower case

Convert addresses to upper/lower case freely. This tool can be enormously helpful in managing
a large mailing list, and will save you a lot of work.

Build your own database

Remove illegal/blank addresses and duplicate addresses(a.k.a. deduplicating).Then you can
build your own database and use it much easier.

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Send your email campaign

SMTP and POP3 profiles

You may set different SMTP and POP3 configurations. Account info can be saved in multiple profiles,
so that all SMTP and/or POP3 settings can be changed with a couple of clicks (Learn how to use Best Bulk Email Software).

Check duplicated emails

This software has an automatic duplicate prevention filter when sending.

Scheduled mailing

Schedule your mailing so that it will be automatically sent at a given day and time.

Produce records on your email

Export all recipients who opened and clicked on the links in your email


Tracking Statistic

Best Bulk Email Software's interface integrates track service:Best Bulk Emailer.

With our tracking statistic,You'll know the number of read and clicked messages.

Spam score check

Best Bulk Email Software now integrates a spam score checking tool. It incorporates all the SpamAssassin rule
that you need to respect to go straight to your customer’s inbox.

Trail opened/clicked rate

Opened/Click-through/Click-to-open rate (ratio of unique opens as a percentage of emails sent).

Show in tables and charts

The statistic datas which is recorded by this software is displayed as tables and charts.

Record the time of last opened

You'll see the last opened time when you opened your email.The track service will show you the statistic clearly.

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