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Free VS Pro version comparative table

Free VS Pro version table
The features comparability of the Free version and Pro version-Best Bulk Emailer:

Features Free Pro
Mail counts per task 100 No limited
Sending thread/connections 2 No limited
Reading statistics No Yes
Export unreachable address No Yes
Import online webpage No Yes
Import local webpage Yes Yes
Domains blacklist Yes Yes
Email blacklist Yes Yes
Export reachable address No Yes
Insert variable Yes Yes
Change IP automatically Yes Yes
Adding attachments Yes Yes
Message preview before delivery No Yes
Send test email No Yes
Don't send duplicate emails Yes Yes
Multiple connections (Sending many messages at once) No Yes
Multiple tasks Yes Yes
Import mail list from text /excel files Yes Yes
Letter for each recipient Yes Yes
Message with both HTML and Text and/or alternate TXT Yes Yes
Catch text from HTML for plain text messages Yes Yes

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