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Recipients setting of bulk email software

Recipients Setting

There are two kinds of setting method:
Clicking at the recipient address edit area in the main interface(check out below picture)

Clicking at the main menu—settings—recipient address,then displaying the recipient address setting page
(like below picture)

You can click the left key of the mouse and input the recipients address directly in the recipient address setting page,if you wanna
add more,you can click the "Add" button and keep inputting the next address.Of course,you can also click the "import" button and
select the exist the file of recipients address list,this way is very easy to import a lots of address.The format file our product support,
which are "txt" and "excel",you can find the detail address format request from the "File format information"

Importing the e-mail address from your local machine,and set it as the recipients address for your currently task.
First,you should click the "import" button and find the e-mail file from your local machine,then click "ok".In order to make sure the
sending efficiency,system need to verify the mail address format and correctness(this step is forced execude by the system,we
have to do it before send the mail).

There will be display a verification result dialog box when the address verify finished.

This result will tell you how many addresses have been verified,how many addresses are repeated,how many addresses are
invalid,and how many addresses are valid,you also can click "detail" see the detail information.Clicking the "Yes" button return
to the recipient address setting page.

Note:The system will choose the best sending way to send the group mail,and mess all of the addresses's order.All of these
operates are executed by the system background.

Clicking the "export" button,we can export currently recipient addresses to the local computer.The format contains "*.txt","*.xls",
"*.xlsx",three kinds of file.

Clicking the "Clear" button,we can delete all of the addresses from this recipients list.(it won't be delete the file from your computer).

Clicking the "delete" button,we can delete the addresses which you have choose,it supports "Ctrl+".( it won’t be delete the file from
your computer).




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