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Sender Setting

There are two kinds of setting mode:

Clicking at the senders address edit area in the main interface(check out below picture)

Clicking at the main menu—settings—sender address,then displaying the sender address setting
page(like below picture)

We need to fill in the parameters of sender below show:

If you were not so clearly about your e-mail account's setting,you can consult the Micrsoft Office Outlook or Outlook Express's,otherwise,refer to the network administrator or network ISP internet.
Selecting "availability" check box,it means to start using this mail address as the mission's sending address.
Click the "Yes" button,the system will validate the send mailbox's correctness.
Click the "Cancel" button,just give up adding currently sender

Import the sender list informations into currently task from the local machine.The detail file format please follow "The file format information".After you import it,you can double click the address and edit it.

Export all of the sender address to your local can save it as text(.txt) and excel(.xls,.xlsx) file.

Clear all of the sender address from the list.

Delete the sender address which you choose from the list.

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