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Task Management

Click the "Task" icon enter into the "Finished task" page of task management interface.
Finished task interface—There display all of the finished task information,including send success rate、send time and summarize

Delete—Delet the task which you choose,you can find it from the "Deleted task" page.

Edit—Edit the task that you choose,you need save it as a new task before you repeat edit it,if you cover the before task,it will be effect the track data about it.

Detail—Click the "Detail" link to enter into the task track interface,it records the read and click detail information of the task.

Resend the failed address—Resend the task's failed address of sending which you choose.

Export the failed address—Export the task's failed address of sending which you choose

Export the successful address—Export the task's successful address of sending which you choose

Running task interface—There display the running task's detail information,including how many mail have send,how long the task have take,and how long the left time is.

Pause—Pause sending the task you choose,the system will keep sending it when you resume it.The pause task will be display in the "Running task" interface.

End—End to send the task.which will be display in the "Finished task" interface.

Edit—Edit the task which you have pause.

Waiting task—There display the tasks information which you had saved but not sent.

Send—Send the task you choose.

Delete—Delete the task you choose,which will be display in the "Deleted task" task.

Edit—Edit the task you choose.

Deleted task—There display the task information which you had deleted.

Recover—Recover the task which you choose to the "Finished task" interface.

Delete—Delete the task you choose drastically.

Clear—Delete all of the tasks drastically.


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