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Email track service setting

Track Service Setting

The default static of track service is opened,you can cancel it if you don't need it.
There are two methods to set it:
In the main interface of Best Bulk Email Software,there has a "Start/Use Track Service" checkbox on the left side of Charset,the default static is opened,you can click the checkbox to use it or not.

click the main menu--Settings--Start/Use Track Service.

If you want to use the track service,first,you need to upload the appointed "support.php or support.asp" file to your website space to make the contact with our server and take the track information from there.The support file is saved in our installation document when you installed our product.How to upload the "support.php or support.asp" to your website space,please follow "Setting Help".

Click the main menu--Settings--Track Service Config.

Input your support file's save path address,click "Ok" button,our product will verify the address's validity and correctness.


If the address is correct,system will prompt "Verify successful!You can use the track service now";if not,you need check up whether you upload it,or the address is right or not.

How to upload the support file to the website space,please follow the introduction.

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